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Welcome to Benham Preservation providing quality services including Damp Proofing, Rising Damp, Condensation, Woodworm, Dry/Wet Rot and Historic Buildings. All of the quality services we provide are available throughout Essex, Kent and Suffolk.


All of the high quality services we provide are completed by our team of professionals. Every worker we have employed all have many years of experience in the damp proof industry.


We use only the best equipment available with every job we take on to ensure that our customers are getting the best for their money as well as a high quality service.


Here at Benham Preservation Limited we provide a range of high quality services throughout Essex, Kent and Suffolk.


With every job we take on, we aim to deliver the best possible customer experience.


We aim to make sure that all of the quality services we provide are available for a competitive price.






Here at Benham Preservations we specialise in providing a high quality damp proofing service throughout Essex. Many properties have damp, unused basements and cellars. With the use of the correct waterproofing system, these can be transformed into wonderful new living spaces. Whether it is a new bedroom, bathroom, or even a new kitchen, a dry and refurbished basement will certainly add value to your property.

So how does damp and moisture start and more importantly what sort of damage can it do? Most building materials are porous to some extent and thus have the capacity to absorb moisture. When a wall is built in contact with the ground, the soil, which normally has a high moisture content, will cause the wall to become wet. 

Benham Preservation have been fixing problems associated with dampness for over 40 years, but this page is purely for your information. So how does damp and moisture start and more importantly what sort of damage can it do.

Here at Benham Preservation, we are able to offer a high quality woodworm service where we are able to efficiently use our quality products to remove and prevent woodworms. Our quality service is available throughout Essex.

Structural timbers in buildings are affected by several types of wood rotting fungi which break into three main categories: brown rots, white rots (both known as wet rot) and the true dry rot fungus which is by far the most serious of all the wood destroying agencies and attacks, if not addressed quickly, can lead to serious financial implications. It is therefore essential to seek professional advice.


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